Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Fiction by Di Bates

  • The Girl in the Basement

    The Girl in the BasementThe Girl in the Basement (Morris Publishing Australia) www.morrispublishingaustralia.com

    A man lurks in the shadows, spying on a girl in a red party dress. The girl, Sophie, is trying to shrug off a bad date. Not for a moment does she suspect that this night is the end of life as she knows it.

    Enter the minds of a psychopath and a defenceless teenager in this mesmerising and timely page-turner with its unforeseeable twists and edge-of-the-seat suspense.

    Available from:
    Morris Publishing Australia - www.morrispublishingaustralia.com
    Dennis Jones and Associates - www.dennisjones.com.au
    James Bennett library suppliers: www.bennett.com.au
    The Nile Bookshop: www.thenile.com.au
    eBook available on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes and other online stores.

  • Nobody’s Boy

    Nobody's BoyNobody's Boy (Celapene Press) www.celapenepress.com.au

    Ron Green can't live with his mother nor with his father and step-mother. Now Ron is being fostered by his aunt who has three sons of her own. But he's not at all happy. When Rosie and Bob offer to care for Ron, he rebels against his aunt and is placed with them. It's a great new home. However, all Ron really wants is to be with his dad...

    This verse novel for young readers nine years and up not only tells Ron's story, but shows his relationships with the family and strangers (including school mates) who come into his life. Winner of a 2013 CBCA Notable Book award and short-listed for the 2013 Australian Family Therapy Literary Awards.

    '... a poignant story told in verse with characters that will genuinely move you.'
    Wai Chim

    'A great read, that really gets into the mind and emotions of the main character. Heartbreaking though, as this is a very realistic story of many children.'
    Michelle Dennis Evans

  • Crossing the Line

    Crossing the LineCrossing the Line (Ford Street Publishing) www.fordstreetpublishing.com

    Orphaned then abandoned by long-term foster carers, teenager Sophie lives with Amy and Matt. For a long time and unknown to others, Sophie has been self-mutilating: more recently she has been in therapy. Concerned about Sophie's increasing depression, the doctor admits her to a hospital. There Sophie is placed in an adolescent ward where she forms tentative relationships with other troubled teenagers and begins sessions with psychiatrist, Helen Marshall. However, the doctor crosses the patient-therapist line, but so too does Sophie ... Short-listed for the 2009 NSW Premier's Literary Awards.

    This is a moving and sensitive story on the topic of self-harm which is prevalent in high schools around the country. The book also deals with obsession and stalking.

    "A profoundly sensitive exploration of emotional agony . . . an engrossing read."
    Elizabeth Fensham

    "Drama, pathos, nail-biting stuff – this is Dianne Bates at her best."
    Margaret Clark

  • Here Comes Trouble!

    Here Comes Trouble

    Here Comes Trouble! (Dragon Tales Publishing) www.dragontalespublishing.com.au

    Nine years old and always in trouble, Sam has a kind heart but more challenges than most. After getting in trouble with the police, Sam thinks things can't get any worse, but it seems like it is just the beginning.

    Here Comes Trouble is a story about the kindness of strangers, and how unconditional love can turn lives around.

    Available from:

    Dragon Tales Publishing: www.dragontalespublishing.com.au

  • Butti Butti Bunyip


    Butti Butti Bunyip (Omnibus Books/Scholastic Australia) www.scholastic.com.au

    Nothing much ever happens in Butti Butti. That is, not until the huge hairy bunyip comes to town.

    Someone very brave will have to hunt it down!

    Filled with coloured illustrations by Greg Holfield, this latest inclusion in the Mates series, is a very funny Australian tall tale.

  • Carl's Café

    Carl's Café(illustrated by Terry Denton)
    Lizzie's twin brother, Carl, is crazy about cooking. They set up Carl's Café in their cubbyhouse with their friends. But what exactly does Carl use to make the spaghetti bolognaise for lunch? Is it any wonder everyone finishes up having a spaghetti fight?

  • Crash Landing

    Crash Landing(illustrated by Elizabeth Alger)
    Marco is flying interstate heading to an important swim meet with his school swimming squad. But Marco is scared. His gut is turning over, his heart is thumping hard. His hands and feet are cold and sweaty. He's convinced the plane is going to crash...

  • Fangs

    Fangs(illustrated by Kevin Burgemeestre)
    David's mum has a new boyfriend who he's nicknamed Fangs. The only problem is that he reminds David of Dracula. Based on a story of when Di's daughter Claire was young and she had a strange ritual when preparing to go to bed.

  • Getting Even

    Getting Even(1996)
    Problems start when Linda's older brother, Justin, stops being a slob. Bathroom battles and a disasterous dinner date lead to a family fight that gets worse and worse. Is it possbile to forgive a sister who ruins your football career, or a brother who takes revenge in a very mean way?

  • In Big Big Trouble

    In Big Big TroubleVictoria Rigby is in big trouble. Her report card stinks. It's just awful! She promised to do her chores. But her room looks like a junk yard. Her homework hasn't been done. She's forgotten to bring the washing in and it's raining. Now Mum's arrived home from work. She's going to be mad. What's a kid to do? There's no escape...or is there?

  • My Other Mother

    My Other MotherAt Dad's wedding, Matt eats too much ice cream and throws up on his Great-Aunt Bess. But that's no problem. The big problem is that Dad and Jenny are on their honeymoon. Matt's staying with Gran. She is kind but is Dad ever going to come home? And is Jenny going to be a wicked stepmother? What if she makes him eat dirt or, even worse, green peas?

  • Rotten Rellies

    Rotten Rellies(1996)
    A dead bat in the freezer, peanut butter and honey sandwiches on the floor, a bedroom which looks like a pigsty... they don't bother Anthony Marks, but his mum has gone ballistic! What can Anthony do to satisfy his fussy mum? Nothing comes to mind until the rellies come to visit.

  • Supermouth

    When Grandpa accidentally superglues his teeth together, his grandson decides that something needs to be done. The results are unexpected. A riot occurs in the Social Security office, a hand turns into a face, the police are called and television cameras roll.

  • The Bogeyman in the Garden

    The Bogeyman in the GardenWhen Lauren and Emily finish building a cubby in the back garden, they think it might be great fun to sleep in it overnight. Snuggled in their sleeping bags, the torch glowing warmly... "What's that? Who's there?"

    Is there a bogeyman in the garden? Or...?

  • The Hold-up Heroes

    The Hold-up HeroesPolly and James accidentally overhear a gang of bushrangers plotting to hold up the Governor. Their first thought is to tell their parents and become heroes for saving the day. But then they find out their dad might be helping the bushrangers! This fictional book, commissioned by the National Museum of Australia, was inspired by Australia's oldest gentlemen's coach held in the museum's collection.

  • The Last Refuge

    The Last RefugeNovel (Hodder Headline, 1996)
    Mitch is thirteen years old and life can't get much tougher. When her dad drinks too much he takes his anger out on the family - with his fists. To make matters worse, Mitch's mum refuses to leave. Then one day things finally go too far. Mitch is badly hurt and her mum decides it's time to get away. Will they ever find a safe refuge away from their father? And can they ever leave behind the painful memories? A fictional work based in part on the author's childhood experiences.

  • The Trouble With Parents

    The Trouble With ParentsOpen Day at school is just around the corner. Twins Craig and Sarah are really excited until they realise their parents aren't coming. They feel like orphans and all alone, especially when good old Mrs Butler from next door can't come or Aunty Lyn or Uncle Peter.

    How can Sarah present the welcoming speech when she feels so disappointed? Doesn't anyone care?

  • Troublemaker

    TroublemakerKaty Hassell is always in the trouble. If you had great big stick-out ears and kids called you Satellite Dish or Dumbo, well, you'd fight back wouldn't you? One day Katy goes just a bit too far: she tells a teacher to 'grow a brain'!

    Boy, is she in Big Trouble!

  • Urgent Delivery

    Urgent Delivery(illustrated by Chris Norris)
    Andrew is only twelve and he's about to go on the ride of his life! His mum is about to have a baby on the back seat of the car - and Andrew's at the wheel! Trouble is, the cops are after them!

  • Out of the Blue

    Out of the BlueBlue whales, blue-bottles, the birth of the blues: these are just a few of the subjects based on the colour blue on which this anthology is based. Ideal for use in the primary and secondary school English classroom, the book's text types include reportage, description, explanation, narrative, procedure, exposition, recount, poetry, references and transactional prose.

    Contributors include Scott Radway, Edel Wignell, William Hart-Smith, Geraldine McCaughrean, Bill Condon and Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.

  • Cinderfella

    CinderfellaWhat happens when Cinderfella, of the Planet Jetsonia, meets Princess Esmerelda of the Planet Earth? This hilarious out-of-space romance is a spoof on the real Cinderella tale.

  • The Shape

    The ShapeJulia hides secret treasure in her treehouse. From there she can see everything - the new neighbours moving in, her dad at work in the fields.

    In her house there are secrets too. But Julia can't figure them out by herself. All she knows is that her mum doesn't laugh anymore. And at night the creeping shadow on her bedroom wall turns into a shape she can't ignore.

    'Dianne Bates, a leading writer of stories for seven- to eleven-year-olds, has written a sensitive and gentle story ... moving, but treated with an acute awareness of young reader's level of understanding.'
    -- Gail Mahon, Australian Bookseller and Publisher, June 2000

  • Kings of the Creek

    (Rigby, 2001)
    "The creek behind the house was always ours until the Pappas family came along. Then things began to change..." In this story, two families learn to work together to care for their environment.

  • Promise Not To Laugh

    (HarperCollins, 1997: Shivers series, ed Paul Collins)
    Everyone knows a loner at school. That kid who wants to be left alone. Karen is a loner, but she most definitely doesn't get left alone. Then again, neither do the kids who taunt her. As the story begins: 'The killings occurred during the recess break, right in front of the whole school. Five students lay dead...' Karen doesn't deny her part in the murders, but her motive is so peculiar, no-one can believe her.