Tuesday, July 25, 2017
  • Awesome Dogs

    Awesome Dogs

    Awesome Dogs (Big Sky Publishing) www.bigskypublishing.com.au

    Featuring lots of gorgeous illustrations combined with images of the adorable dogs from Best Friends Rescue, Awesome Dogs is loaded with information and interesting facts.

    The inclusion of real-life images and stories of the charismatic dogs from a pet rescue organisation adds another level of education and inspiration.

    Aimed at children 8 to 12 years of age, with a average reading age of 10, this book will appeal to both the trade and educational markets, with kids sure to enjoy the entertaining combination of interesting and bizarre facts and stories and wacky jokes and verse.

    Available from

    Big Sky Publishing: www.bigskypublishing.com.au

  • Awesome Cats

    Awesome Cats

     Awesome Cats (Big Sky Publishing) www.bigskypublishing.com.au

    Cats are loyal, smart, fun and totally awesome.

    This informative book is a mix of incredible true stories, amazing facts and packed with jokes and photographic and cartoon illustrations to show you the wonderful world of cats.

    From stories about cats in history, celebrity cats and spoilt cats to bizarre facts, jokes and verse, this beautifully illustrated book is crammed with information and fun.

    Available from

    Big Sky Publishing: www.bigskypublishing.com.au

  • Butti Butti Bunyip


    Butti Butti Bunyip (Omnibus Books/Scholastic Australia) www.scholastic.com.au

    Nothing much ever happens in Butti Butti. That is, not until the huge hairy bunyip comes to town.

    Someone very brave will have to hunt it down!

    Filled with coloured illustrations by Greg Holfield, this latest inclusion in the Mates series, is a very funny Australian tall tale.

  • A Game of Keeps

    A Game of KeepsA Game of Keeps (Celapene Press) www.celapenepress.com.au

    A bright, cheerful girl, Ashley lives with her Mum, Jules, and guinea pig, Froggie, in a block of flats. She wants to become a dancer or actor and is talented at both. More than anything, though, she yearns for a closer relationship with her Mum. When Mum leaves Ashley alone once too often, a social worker suggests that a couple from Aunts and Uncles take Ashley for once-a-month respite care. Ashley loves being with Daisy and Will but is not impressed with Mum's new boyfriend, Eddie. At first Mum and Eddie are happy but soon their relationship becomes fractured. Worse, Mum falls pregnant. Despite Ashley's initial reluctance to welcome a baby into the family, she softens when it is born. At the same time, Ashley can see that Mum is calmer than before, and perhaps happier, too. Better still, Eddie is no longer in her life and Dad is due home soon from touring with his rock band.

    This is a simple but affecting story for readers aged 7 to 11 years, which is told with warmth, honesty and humour.

    A Game of Keeps is available from:

    Celapene Press: www.celapenepress.com.au
    James Bennett library suppliers: www.bennett.com.au

  • The Girl in the Basement

    The Girl in the BasementThe Girl in the Basement (Morris Publishing Australia) www.morrispublishingaustralia.com

    A man lurks in the shadows, spying on a girl in a red party dress. The girl, Sophie, is trying to shrug off a bad date. Not for a moment does she suspect that this night is the end of life as she knows it.

    Enter the minds of a psychopath and a defenceless teenager in this mesmerising and timely page-turner with its unforeseeable twists and edge-of-the-seat suspense.

    Available from:
    Morris Publishing Australia - www.morrispublishingaustralia.com
    Dennis Jones and Associates - www.dennisjones.com.au
    James Bennett library suppliers: www.bennett.com.au
    The Nile Bookshop: www.thenile.com.au
    eBook available on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes and other online stores.

  • Nobody’s Boy

    Nobody's BoyNobody's Boy (Celapene Press) www.celapenepress.com.au

    Ron Green can't live with his mother nor with his father and step-mother. Now Ron is being fostered by his aunt who has three sons of her own. But he's not at all happy. When Rosie and Bob offer to care for Ron, he rebels against his aunt and is placed with them. It's a great new home. However, all Ron really wants is to be with his dad...

    This verse novel for young readers nine years and up not only tells Ron's story, but shows his relationships with the family and strangers (including school mates) who come into his life. Winner of a 2013 CBCA Notable Book award and short-listed for the 2013 Australian Family Therapy Literary Awards.

    '... a poignant story told in verse with characters that will genuinely move you.'
    Wai Chim

    'A great read, that really gets into the mind and emotions of the main character. Heartbreaking though, as this is a very realistic story of many children.'
    Michelle Dennis Evans

  • Giggle and Grin

    Giggle and GrinGiggle and Grin (Five Senses Education) www.fivesenseseducation.com.au

    This joke book contains dangerous levels of humour, super-powered jokes and other really gross stuff. The far-out, super-silly jokes and insults in Giggle and Grin have the power to make any kid want to read and test them out on EVERYONE.

    'I squealed! I laughed! My head almost fell off! And that was just from looking at the cover.'
    Tiffany, aged 9

    'Revolting jokes... we laughed so much we wet our pants.'
    Jett and Steve, twins aged 6

  • Erky Perky Silly Stuff

    Erky Perky Silly StuffErky Perky Silly Stuff (Five Senses Education) www.fivesenseseducation.com.au

    Ideal for kids who hate reading!
    Insult your sister! Let loose on your brother! Read rhymes to your mum! Knock knock your dad! Disgust your teacher! Most of all, read every one of these erky perky verses and laugh yourself silly. Jam-packed with over 100 fast, funny, loopy and sicko poems, this over-the-top collection will make you giggle, squirm and freak out.

    'Far-out, funny and fabulous! I drive my parents crazy reading these!'
    Aaron, aged 8

    'Naughty, nasty, revolting and seriously weird, this book ought to be banned. That's what my school principal said (but I don't agree!)'
    Chelsea, aged 9

  • Crossing the Line

    Crossing the LineCrossing the Line (Ford Street Publishing) www.fordstreetpublishing.com

    Orphaned then abandoned by long-term foster carers, teenager Sophie lives with Amy and Matt. For a long time and unknown to others, Sophie has been self-mutilating: more recently she has been in therapy. Concerned about Sophie's increasing depression, the doctor admits her to a hospital. There Sophie is placed in an adolescent ward where she forms tentative relationships with other troubled teenagers and begins sessions with psychiatrist, Helen Marshall. However, the doctor crosses the patient-therapist line, but so too does Sophie ... Short-listed for the 2009 NSW Premier's Literary Awards.

    This is a moving and sensitive story on the topic of self-harm which is prevalent in high schools around the country. The book also deals with obsession and stalking.

    "A profoundly sensitive exploration of emotional agony . . . an engrossing read."
    Elizabeth Fensham

    "Drama, pathos, nail-biting stuff – this is Dianne Bates at her best."
    Margaret Clark

  • Big Bad Bruce

    Big Bad BruceBig Bad Bruce and his biker gang scream down the road on their Harleys. Bruce, the gang leader, is tough, he's hungry and he's ready to do business. But is he as bad as people believe? This picture book by Dianne Bates, illustrated by Cheryll Johns, was re-released by Koala Books in 2007. First published in 1991, it has been inducted into the Kids' Own Australian Literature Awards (KOALA) Hall of Fame for repeated short-listings.

  • Out of the Blue

    Out of the BlueBlue whales, blue-bottles, the birth of the blues: these are just a few of the subjects based on the colour blue on which this anthology is based. Ideal for use in the primary and secondary school English classroom, the book's text types include reportage, description, explanation, narrative, procedure, exposition, recount, poetry, references and transactional prose.

    Contributors include Scott Radway, Edel Wignell, William Hart-Smith, Geraldine McCaughrean, Bill Condon and Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.

  • The Hold-up Heroes

    The Hold-up HeroesPolly and James accidentally overhear a gang of bushrangers plotting to hold up the Governor. Their first thought is to tell their parents and become heroes for saving the day. But then they find out their dad might be helping the bushrangers! This fictional book, commissioned by the National Museum of Australia, was inspired by Australia's oldest gentlemen's coach held in the museum's collection.

  • Cinderfella

    CinderfellaWhat happens when Cinderfella, of the Planet Jetsonia, meets Princess Esmerelda of the Planet Earth? This hilarious out-of-space romance is a spoof on the real Cinderella tale.

  • The Shape

    The ShapeJulia hides secret treasure in her treehouse. From there she can see everything - the new neighbours moving in, her dad at work in the fields.

    In her house there are secrets too. But Julia can't figure them out by herself. All she knows is that her mum doesn't laugh anymore. And at night the creeping shadow on her bedroom wall turns into a shape she can't ignore.

    'Dianne Bates, a leading writer of stories for seven- to eleven-year-olds, has written a sensitive and gentle story ... moving, but treated with an acute awareness of young reader's level of understanding.'
    -- Gail Mahon, Australian Bookseller and Publisher, June 2000