Tuesday, July 25, 2017
  • Grandma Cadbury's Water World

    Cadbury's Gran is back! In this hilarious fourth book, Grandma Cadbury is challenged to a marathon swim, which is just the start of a water holiday. Invited to stay at a seaside guest house, Cadbury, his gran and the family find themselves surfing, sail-boarding, treasure hunting and tangled up in lots of crazy adventures.

  • Grandma Cadbury's Bikie Gang

    Cadbury's daredevil grandmother dreams of owning a Harley motorbike and joining the Glory Rider's bikie gang. It isn't long before she's the proud owner of a large Softail Custom - big enough for two people! Cadbury's mates are green with envy. Blitzing along freeways, Cadbury and Gran are soon on their way to hair-raising adventures. Along the way they tangle with a pack of big bad bikies and come fact-to-face with danger, before Cadbury meets his biggest challenge of all - a girl named Deedie Miller.

  • Grandma Cadbury's Safari Tours

    Cadbury's grandmother has sold Tootsie, her 36-tonne truck, to buy a 22-seater turbo-charged custom-built mini-bus! It isn't long before Cadbury and his grandmother are entangled in more riotous adventures as they conduct safari tours round Australia. They pan for gold, rescue an injured bushwalker, search for snakes. Cadbury thinks his grandmother can get out of any scrape until she rides Firefly in the craziest horse-race you've seen!

  • Grandma Cadbury's Trucking Tales

    gran-cad-trucking-120x178(1987) Winner 1988 WA Young Readers' Book Award
    Cadbury's grandmother is a truckie. She drives a semi-trailer called Tootsie, a 36-tonne Kenworth with bogie drive wheels and power steering. Cadbury nearly died of shame when she first went on the road, especially when his friends found out. Real grannies are supposed to spend their time quietly in rocking chairs, aren't they? But it isn't very long at all before Cadbury discovers that having a grandma who drives a semi-trailer isn't all bad. In fact, having a granny like Cadbury's could be the best thing that ever happened to a kid!