Tuesday, July 25, 2017

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These fictional chapter books, with black and white cartoon illustrations on every page, are full of Australian tall-tale humour with lots of zany jokes and wordplay. They are suitable for children K to Year 6. The 11 book series also comes with a Teachers' Resource Book with photocopiable pages.

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  • Basil Bopp the Burper

    Basil Bopp the BurperBasil Bopp's habit of burping is so disgusting that no one wants to know him. Even his mum and dad have run away from home to join the circus! Alone, Basil enjoys his freedom but soon he gets bored – and hungry. It seems the only way a boy can get a meal is to turn to bushranging.

  • Scrum O'Crum and the Bushranger Babes

    Scrum O'Crum and the Bushranger BabesFootball genius Scrum O'Crum is big sister to baby Glad and toddler twins Brad and Chad. Their mum Belle and aunts Hilda and Hattie are wild bushrangers and life is exciting. However, during a bank holdup, disaster strikes and the three bushrangers are captured.

  • Hairy Hannah and the Grandad Gang

    Hairy Hannah and the Grandad GangDeep in the Australian bush, in the middle of a family of dingoes, lives a red-haired wild child, running around feral and as naked as the day she was born. Then, one night, drawn by the aroma of cooking food she creeps into a camp and is captured by three elderly bushrangers.

  • Dame Nellie Nickabocka, Shooting Star

    Dame Nellie Nickabocka, Shooting StarDame Nellie Nickabocka was a star of all of Great Britain's Grandest Theatres. But that was many years ago. Now she has grown fatter and older. Deciding on a career re-charge, she migrates to the Great Continent Down Under.

  • Jacob Fang & His Feral Family

    Jacob Fang & His Feral FamilyAway out in the Gollygosh Gorge in the middle of Australia, camped by that waterhole is the deadliest, dirtiest, most despicable bushranger known as Jacob Fang. Poor bloke is lonesome and looking for a family. When he holds up the Giddyup Goldfields Coach, he meets the most incredible woman he's ever seen in his life – Miss Susie Q Pringle and a bunch of wee nippers under her care.

  • Daring Dora and the All-Girl Gang

    Daring Dora and the All-Girl GangWild child Dora Agnes Kelly can out-kick a kangaroo and swear like a dozen troopers. Her parents are so fed up with her that they decide to send her to Miss Cecilia Dingle's Academy for Refined Young Ladies to sort her out. However, at the school Dora befriends three other tomboys who are all related to well-known bushrangers.

  • Desert Dan, the Dunny Man

    Desert Dan, the Dunny ManDan Dunker, orphan, is descended from a long line of dunny makers, all with Royal Degrees. Left on the doorstep of Matron Maxine's Home for Wretched Waifs, he spends his days scrubbing and rubbing potties from dawn to dusk, all the while dreaming of becoming a famous dunny builder.

  • Billy Fishbone, King of the Kids

    Billy Fishbone, King of the KidsOn the Buttibotti goldfields, orphans Billy, Matilda, Nugget and Candle Fishbone are taking a break from the busy life of bushranging. They race around the goldfields knocking over tents, locking old ladies in lavatories, gobbling up the miners' jellybeans and swigging their ginger beer.

  • Ned the Nong and the Kelly Kids

    Ned the Nong and the Kelly KidsDaisy-Belle, Elle and their little brother Bruce have always been Poor Little Nobodies. But now that they've managed to escape Matron Maxine's Home for Wretched Waifs, they plan to become Rich and Famous. To do this, they decide to become meaner-than-mean bushrangers.

  • Bushranger Bob and the Nude Olympics

    Bushranger Bob and the Nude OlympicsElected Mayor of a tiny town, Bushranger Bob is asked by local citizens to come up with an idea to put his town on the map for it has no shops, no singers, no dancers, no circuses, no coaches to rob and no fun. It is, in fact, the most boring town on earth. Bob thinks hard and decides on the idea of the Bushranging Olympics to be held in the town.

  • Nick Knickers and the Great Santa Round-up

    Nick Knickers and the Great Santa Round-upThe Knickers bushranging family – Saggy, Enormous Norm, Mum and Dad Nick Knickers – are the baddest bunch of bushrangers that ever burgled a bank!