Tuesday, July 25, 2017
  • A Gaggle of Giggles

    Gaggle of Giggles

    A Gaggle of Giggles by Dianne Bates and Bill Condon (Phoenix Education) www.phoenixeduc.com

    This is a collection of LOL plays which junior secondary school students are sure to enjoy.

    All the plays feature large casts with big and small roles to suit every member of the class.

    A Gaggle of Giggles is chockablock full of jokes and puns and witty word play, as well as rollicking good stories. Its husband and wife authors have both had long and successful careers in writing and have both won major awards for their work.

    Available from

    Phoenix Education: www.phoenixeduc.com

  • 100 Things You Really Need To Know

    100-things-130x110Did you know?

    Sharks cannot swim backwards
    Gorillas beat their chests when they are nervous
    Fish can get seasick if kept on board a ship

    This is essential information for an inquisitive mind.

  • 100 Things You Really Need To Know About Geography

    100 Things You Really Need To Know About GeographyStill more essential information for inquisitive young minds, but this time the focus is on geography.

    His name is Sludge and he's a judge.
    he is the best there is.
    He's fair and square and very rare,
    In fact, he's quite a whiz!