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"When I started looking to be published I felt that I was drowning in an ocean of information. Di Bates showed me a clear path to writing success."
Jackie Hosking, Editor 'Pass It On'

(Your assessment) was refreshingly honest and straight forward. You have highlighted some plot difficulties, which can be fixed and I am very grateful to have you pick these up for me."
MW, Central Coast, NSW

Re Di Bates' module, The Best 50 Tips & Information for New Writers plus bonus article: How to Get Both Feet past Publishers' Locked Doors - I really recommend it. Although it did contain tips I have long put into practice, the majority I haven't, either through lack of knowledge or lack of confidence. If you have aspirations of living off your income as a writer, or improving your publishing chances, this module is worth purchasing. I'm hoping to end up better organized for a start, and a lot more confident of writing success.
From a satisfied customer

PIO, December 2004 Thanks for the articles that you sent me, 'The Best 50 tips' and 'How to Get Both Feet past Publishers' Locked Doors'. I have found the information to be insightful and inspiring. I was playing with my writing career, but your articles have given me the boost I needed to become serious and start working hard.
Pauline Burgess

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills with me. I found the process enlightening. Your comments confirmed my lack of confidence in the manuscript, but then highlighted precise areas that needed more work. Whilst initially I was alarmed that there were so many flaws, the negatives were balanced with encouraging comments, and I'm excited to receive such valuable feedback. Your mini-manuscript assessment has increased my understanding of writing for children, and I look forward to honing my skills.
Kathryn Apel

I gathered courage to take up Di Bates' offer of a manuscript assessment on my attempt at a children's novel and was so delighted with the thoughtful, helpful, useful comments she sent back immediately that I would love to recommend this service to others. ... She had an uncanny knack of focusing on some of the words and sequencing decisions I'd agonised over for ages and offering really great solutions. And there was advice and suggestions there that will help with all my writing, not just this attempt. So go for it if you are hesitating - it is a very generous, spirited offer.
Donna Gibbs

I found the (assessment) process enlightening. Di's comments confirmed my lack of confidence in the manuscript selected, highlighting precise areas that needed more work. Whilst initially I was alarmed that there were so many flaws, the negatives were balanced with encouraging comments, so that I wasn't disheartened or overwhelmed. Di's mini-manuscript assessment has increased my understanding of writing for children. I value her honesty and look forward to honing my skills.

"Many years ago, Di Bates and I first met over a cup of tea and a slice of cake at the conclusion of a very dull writer's meeting. I had actually just decided that I was not going to bother coming back - not to a "writing" group whose idea of a guest speaker was a member giving a rambling account of her overseas trip (why? because the information "might be useful if you want to set a book in that country". Yeah, right.) Then a comment from Di who was there for the first time, made me realise that there was actually a professional writer in our midst - someone whose work was not only being published, but who was keen to build her writing career.

We promptly decamped, and over a drink at a nearby club Di cast an eye over the children's short story I had with me and suggested I convert some of the narrative to dialogue then send it to a school magazine. I did so; my first-ever submission was accepted, and my career as a children's writer was underway. That chance meeting was a perfect example of meeting the right person at the right time (and I've been a proponent of networking ever since).

In the years since, I've worn many hats as a writer. I've written fiction and non-fiction for adults and children and tutored talented children. I've been a ghostwriter, written courses on writing, and established several websites for writers. I now use my writing skills to make money on the Internet, in various ways, and I create products and courses showing other writers how to do the same. Would I have done all this if I hadn't had some early success in writing? Who knows? I love writing so much I think the answer is 'yes' - but it may have taken a lot longer had I not met Di at that writer's meeting. If you get the opportunity to have Di as YOUR 'right person at the right time', grab it with both hands!"
Margaret McAlister (Marg McAlister, Multi-Published Author, Editor and Webmaster: www.writing4success.com)

Di Bates - what a legend! This prolific and wonderful writer of children's fiction and advice books for writers, is also a warm, positive and professional mentor for numerous writers of all levels of experience. She has given me so much invaluable advice, I only wish I'd met her earlier in my career as I would then have progressed much further and faster! I could not give too high a recommendation to Di's services.
DC Green, Surf journalist and author of 'Erasmus James & the Galactic Zapp Machine' dcgreenyarns.blogspot.com

Di Bates launched my career. As a fledgling writer she encouraged and guided and helped me realise my dream. Thanks Di, for your vision and support.
J. A. Mawter (Author) www.jenimawter.com

'Network", "Systematically approach publishers", "Keep information up to date", "Be involved in the industry", "Never believe that you are too insignificant to contribute", "Find time to write", "Never be afraid of rejection. Get your best work out there." That's just the beginning of Dianne Bates' advice to me last year when I first met her. Since then, under her mentorship, I have completed a YA novel and am almost finished my second; I've had a short story for adults published in the US in March 2006; my first Picture Book text took runner-up title in the 2005 Ipswich Festival of Children’s Literature and I have recently had my first submission to a trade publisher accepted.

Dianne Bates is a master of her craft and her advice is prolific, honest and constructive. Above all else, she is a generous professional who genuinely delights in nurturing new talent and giving back to the industry.

There are mentors... and if you are lucky, there's Di Bates.
Maureen Johnston (Published Author)

Dianne Bates has offered her expertise, wisdom and excellent, practical advice to emerging writers for many years now. As one who has been mentored by Di, I cannot speak too highly of her. The opportunities she has brought my way have been considerable. From encouragement in the early days, to advice on publishing markets to reviewing contracts, she has been central to my writing career. I believe best-practice advice is worth paying for and in the long run saves you time, money and even heartache. With all that she is able to offer new writers, I would consider a paid mentorship with Dianne Bates an investment in your writing future.
Delwyne Stephens (Published Author)

When I was a new writer Di Bates held my hand, gave me encouragement, and boosted my confidence. Without Di's generous but firm guidance I wouldn't be the professional that I am today. Di brought - and still brings out - my very best.
Jackie Hosking (Published Poet and Industry Newsletter Compiler/Editor)

Di has been a source of dynamic information and motivation for me. As a writer starting out in the publication field one is often hesitant and unsure, yet Di is able to hone in on suitable markets, and offer feedback. Networking is a valuable commodity in any writer’s life, a veritable anchor in the choppy seas of rejection, manuscript revision, and commitment to the writer’s life. PIO, a weekly online newsletter for those in the children’s book industry, which Di first began as CAINON, has often provided me with a fruitful market and a deeper understanding of many aspects of publication and manuscript submission.
Lorraine Marwood (Published Poet) www.lorrainemarwood.com

Di Bates’ ability to guide artistically as well as technically is second to none. Coupled with extensive industry knowledge, she provides honest, practical, professional feedback that gives your writing the direction it needs. Di has encouraged me to go beyond my boundaries and explore my writing. She is incredibly motivating and a true inspiration. I am fortunate to have her in my writing life.
Vicki Morrison (Author) www.vickimorrison.com

Di, you are phenomenal. I cannot begin to thank you for your extensive and speedy response. I feel like all of your criticism is completely justified.
Jenna Owens, Woonona, aged 17