Tuesday, July 25, 2017
  • An insight into Di Bates

    Di Bates(also known as Di and Daisy and Aunty Di Di)

    Born: Sydney, 20 March, 1948

    Sister: Volda (she got the interesting name)

    Brother: Larry

    Husband: Bill Condon, also a children's author!

    Children: Claire (b.1969, married to Benoit, lives in Ottawa, Canada) Kathleen (b.1971 d 1973)
    Ashley (b 1988) former foster daughter Paul (b 1991) former foster son

    Schools attended (all in NSW): Carlton PS; Mortdale PS; Appin PS; Campbelltown HS; Wollongong Teachers' College; Wollongong University

    Schools where Di taught: Padstow Park PS; Canterbury PS: Belmore South PS; Our Lady of Lourdes, Earlwood; Holsworthy PS: Randwick PS; Prestons PS; Wollongong University

    First book written: Terri

    Hobbies: Reading, swimming, playing Scrabble (in tournaments), movies, making mosaics, watching TV, painting, visiting friends, cycling, exploring the internet

    Likes: Children, opera, the ocean, being lazy, playing with my dog Sassy, freedom

    Dislikes: Cruelty to children, drunkenness, cigarette smoke, loud discordant music, selfish people

    Favourite places: Anywhere with Bill, home, near the sea, also Coogee Women's Pool, the Isle of Capri, London

    Favourite animal: goat

    Favourite bird: toucan

    Favourite flower: daffodil

    Favourite foods: ice-cream, bananas, Swiss chocolates

    Favourite colour: blood red

    Favourite children's book: Where the Lilies Bloom (Bill and Vera Cleaver)

  • More About Di Bates

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