Friday 18 August 2017

Welcome to Enterprising Words

Australian children's authors and freelance writers
Dianne (Di) Bates and Bill Condon offer a range of writing, editing and manuscript assessment services as well as book products for the general public, including writers of all ages, teachers and librarians.

Who Are We?

Bill Condon and Dianne (Di) Bates are an Australian husband and wife team who have individually and together published more than 200 books over the past 30 years with major trade & educational publishers.

Our books have won national and state awards, and have sold overseas, some in translation.

What We Do

We offer the following services:

  • Freelance writing
  • A correspondence writing course for young people
  • An online Writing for Children Course (for adults only)

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Di-Bates-60RDi's Featured Book

  • A Game of Keeps

    A Game of KeepsA Game of Keeps (Celapene Press)

    A bright, cheerful girl, Ashley lives with her Mum, Jules, and guinea pig, Froggie, in a block of flats. She wants to become a dancer or actor and is talented at both. More than anything, though, she yearns for a closer relationship with her Mum. When Mum leaves Ashley alone once too often, a social worker suggests that a couple from Aunts and Uncles take Ashley for once-a-month respite care. Ashley loves being with Daisy and Will but is not impressed with Mum's new boyfriend, Eddie. At first Mum and Eddie are happy but soon their relationship becomes fractured. Worse, Mum falls pregnant. Despite Ashley's initial reluctance to welcome a baby into the family, she softens when it is born. At the same time, Ashley can see that Mum is calmer than before, and perhaps happier, too. Better still, Eddie is no longer in her life and Dad is due home soon from touring with his rock band.

    This is a simple but affecting story for readers aged 7 to 11 years, which is told with warmth, honesty and humour.

    A Game of Keeps is available from:

    Celapene Press:
    James Bennett library suppliers:

Bill CondonBill's Featured Book

  • A Straight Line to My Heart

    A Straight Line to My HeartA straight line to my heart (Allen & Unwin)

    In 2012 A Straight Line To My Heart was awarded an Honour Book in the CBCA Awards. It was also on the shortlist for the Prime Minister's Literary Awards.

    School is over, not just for the year, but forever. Tiff and Kayla are free, which is what they've always wanted, but now summer is nearly at an end and that means life decisions. Tiff is hoping her job at the local paper will lead to something more... But 'The Shark' soon puts her straight on what it takes to become a hard-nosed reporter like him. At home, Reggie - the only granddad she's ever known - has quit the smokes and diagnosed himself as cactus. Then Kayla hits her with some big news. And into all this stumbles Davey, the first boy who has ever really wanted to know her.

    Tiff is smart with words and rarely does tears, but in one short week she discovers that words don't always get you there; they don't let you say all the stuff from deep in your heart.'

    This compelling, honest and heart-warming book explores love and relationships, old and new, in a 'family' related only by love.'
    -CBCA judge's report.